From All-Terrain Vehicles to Wind Turbine Blades,
You’ll Find BEAMCO Innovations

BEAMCO provides our clients with a fully integrated range of services from initial ideas, inspiration and concepts to real-world design, engineering and manufacturing. These are several of the many companies we are proud to have partnered with over the past 20 years. Often we begin by taking on a small project.

Once our client sees how easily we meet or exceed their expectations, they invite us to take on larger and larger projects and become a trusted long-term partner. Beamco’s product innovations can be seen around the world.

Engineering, Design & Manufacturing Client
Polaris Industries, Inc.

When a rural farm equipment shop in Minnesota had the passion and creativity to design and build its first snowmobile in 1955, they had no way of knowing that they would eventually become the world’s leading manufacturer of off-road vehicles for recreational, military and utility use. Their original breakthrough snowmobile design was unique, because it really worked. It moved quickly and confidently over snow covered ground and rough terrain and quickly made  existing transportation methods — snow shoes and cross-country skis – obsolete.

BEAMCO began in 1991 by securing a contract to manufacture oil level sensors for the recreational vehicle industry. Polaris Industries became their client. The need for more complex oil level sensors inspired BEAMCO to expand its level of capability.  BEAMCO acquired the manufacturing equipment and developed the expertise needed to produce new generations of level sensors.

In 1994 Polaris Industries hired BEAMCO to design, engineer and manufacture prototypes for their new Polaris Ranger because…  read full Polaris Ranger story

Engineering, Design & Manufacturing Client
LM Wind Power

Over thirty years ago, LM Wind Power pioneered the use of glass fiber to manufacture wind turbine blades. Today the visionary company is the world’s leading component supplier to the wind turbine industry. With headquarters in Denmark, the international wind turbine blade manufacturer has eleven factories in North America, Europe, India and China which include facilities in Grand Forks, North Dakota and Little Rock, Arkansas.

BEAMCO began working with the Grand Forks manufacturing facility in 2006. Our first project was to drill, tap and paint the root rings which are used at the base of each turbine blade  BEAMCO soon began helping with production components which includes the fixtures used for storage and transport of the wind turbine blade and other items.  We also began helping with engineering projects which have helped increase the efficiency and safety of their manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Client
TBEI Rugby

TBEI Rugby is America’s leading designer and manufacturer of Class 3-7 dump truck bodies, landscape bodies, platform bodies, truck and trailer hoists and related truck equipment and accessories.  They needed additional capacity for their production and BEAMCO has helped to meet their need with production of a number of different products at a competitive price since 2005.

TBEI Rugby contacted BEAMCO and showed us their end-gate designs. With our experienced welders and a spacious manufacturing facility to handle the ongoing work, BEAMCO was uniquely equipped to become TBEI Rugby’s manufacturing partner. We were able to immediately begin manufacturing their end gates and meet their production schedule. As of December, 2011, BEAMCO is producing an average of 10 end gates per day for TBEI Rugby.