BEAMCO Design Capability


Our seasoned design and engineering innovators can take your idea for a product and develop your concept, implement it, prototype it and produce it. If you have a bottleneck within your manufacturing process, we can get to the real root of your problem and solve it with innovative, real-world design, engineering that leads directly to zero-defect manufacturing.

Our state-of-the-art design capabilities include:

  • Concept development and validation
  • Rapid prototype development and manufacturing – short and long run
  • Design implementation
  • Detailed and costed bills of materials
  • Complete CAD – Pro/E 2000i2, Mechanical Desktop 4.0, and AutoCAD
  • Structural analysis
  • Power train design
  • Injection and insert molding part and tooling design
  • Production fixturing, machine automation, and test equipment design
  • Welding and cutting fixture design
  • Vacuum form tooling design
  • Programmable logic control systems and data acquisition
  • Complete modeling shop – Lathes, Break Press, Shear, Hydraulic Press, End Mills, Drill Presses, Cut off Saw, Iron Worker, Tube Bender, Plasma Cutter, Welders, Fiberglass fabrication materials and Quality Control gauges and tools
  • Experience in a broad range of vehicle and accessory development including manufacturing considerations for successful production startup
  • Life cycle testing
  • Video sales, audio sales, layout, editing of short ads, digital photography


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