The People

“The reward for good work is more work.”

All employees are hired locally right here in rural Minnesota. We are proud of our all American manufacturing team. In this area people have a higher work ethic and higher standards of quality. Many people in this area are homesteaders, including the Bergman farm where Beamco’s headquarters are located.

We have grown up together for generations and are very much like family. Some employees rotate between farming in the summer and working here in the winter. Our people are flexible enough to move to where they are needed, all can do more than one job. We aren’t the Swiss Army Knife that can do everything, but with the people we have on staff now, we can do anything.

                                                   Spring Beamco


We have the people with the creativity, experience and vision to solve any engineering problem. Our core team is energetic, enthusiastic and ready to dive into a challenge. James, Larry and Rick will start the innovation brainstorming. James Bergman is a true visionary and no design gets out the door without his approval.

Manufacturing / Assembly

Our team can do manufacturing in house at either of our manufacturing facilities in Oslo and Argyle, MN. We have teams for welding, assembly, powder coat painting and shipping. Our people are local and many have been with Beamco for over 10 years.

Sales / Office

The sales and management team keeps production flowing. We build our business through continued involvement with customers through long-term relationship building. We go above and beyond what the customer asks and expects by fixing problems which the customer might not even be aware. Typically, we start with small projects then continue with larger projects. Currently we are expanding to serve clients in a worldwide market including US, Canada and Denmark.