Beamco Company History

BEAMCO began in 1991 by securing a contract to manufacture oil level sensors for the recreational vehicle industry.  The need for more complex oil level sensors inspired BEAMCO to expand it’s level of capability.  BEAMCO acquired the manufacturing equipment and developed the expertise needed to produce new generations of level sensors.

In 1994 BEAMCO began development of the Polaris Ranger, a six wheel drive all terrain vehicle with side by side seats and a 1000 pound payload box.  BEAMCO completed this project and was essential in bringing this vehicle to full production by Polaris in 1998.

Along with the Ranger vehicle, BEAMCO developed a full line of accessories for this and other Polaris vehicles. When these went into serial production by BEAMCO, an additional facility in Argyle, MN was setup to handle the manufacturing of these components. This required additional capability, added by BEAMCO, including: Pro/E computer engineering, powder-coat painting, aluminum welding, and additional bending and fabricating equipment as well as a staff of qualified and talented craftsmen.

In the course of 15 years, BEAMCO developed and brought to market 28 variations of level sensors along with 44 accessory kits for the ATV, Ranger, and off-road market. To date over 1.3 million level sensors have been produced and 45,000 complete accessory kits.

BEAMCO has also been an outsourced producer of a wide variety of vehicles, both wheeled and tracked. BEAMCO has developed a vast array of unique and cutting edge vehicle formats to include recreational, utility and emergency platforms. BEAMCO has also had success in the military defense and service vehicle arena where 3 platforms were developed and met or exceeded the highest of military standards.

Beyond this BEAMCO has ventured into the wind energy market as an engineering, design and service provider for various wind energy component producers. BEAMCO and its staff have acquired knowledge and experience in the manufacture and implementation of most all wind energy manufacturing processes. BEAMCO has developed many manufacturing and safety update features and continues to take great strides in this field.

BEAMCO also manufactures utility on-road truck components and has produced a vast amount of various components and structures in this field.